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Having entered the chemical distribution business in 2010, Mega Gbl Plus Store has successfully expanded to become the global market leader in the distribution of specialty and industrial chemicals, chemical products and ingredients.U.S business established; continued acquisitions in European and North American chemicals distribution business.U.S. expansion includes acquisitions of distributors Western Chemical (1980), Textile Chemical (1981), Delta (1986), Crown (1989) and PB&S Chemical (1989).

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The Canadian chemical industry began to change rapidly in the 1980’s. In 1985, CIL acquired Stanchem and merged it with its General Chemicals distribution business.

In 1988, CIL became ICI Canada, who began to divest non-core Canadian businesses, including Stanchem.

The timing could not have been better. In another part of the world, Holland Chemical International (HCI), was looking for an opportunity to extend and strengthen its presence in North America beyond its original South American roots.

Impressed by Stanchem’s successful position in the market, HCI acquired the company in 1990. At this time, the HCI Group was the fifth largest chemical distributor in the world with impressive market share in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and North America and holding the number one position in Latin America.